Businesses today know that there are two important aspects to technology that are critical to their success, Cybersecurity and Compliance. Every network can be actively probed and exploited from multiple, simultaneous points of vulnerability. Defending your company from these ongoing attacks is critical.

Security and Vulnerability Assessment

We provide a comprehensive internal network security scan as well as external vulnerabilities tests. All results are scored based upon industry standards of cyber security threat levels and your company is provided with a detailed remediation plan.

Intrusion and Threat Monitoring

We utilize a combination of cloud-based firewall, content filtering and routed DNS services and scheduled network security scans to provide a high level of ongoing threat prevention, detection and incident reporting.

Security Awareness Training

Not all security threats come from strangers. We can provide a series of threat simulations and periodic courses to educate and inform your employees about the importance of network security and what they can do to recognize threats designed to fool them.

GDPR Audit and Compliance Services

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation passed by the European Union (EU) that protects the personal data of EU citizens, also known as data subjects. GDPR defines personal data as any information relating to a data subject. This can include a name, identification number, location data, online identifier, etc. If your company retains or transmits information belonging to someone or a company in the EU, then you are likely to be subject to GDPR compliance.

Infinity Networking now provides a comprehensive solution toward meeting GDPR compliance requirements which include:

  • Initial network scan to evaluate the current security state of a company’s secured data
  • Remediation plan to meet any security requirements that are not met
  • Detailed checklist for companies to prepare for GDPR audits
  • GDPR-approved documentation for policies and procedures specific to your company
  • Regular, automated network scans to detect any issues or potential threats, and provide alert notifications

​All security standards are based upon ISO 27001-2013. GDPR guidance suggests that compliance with ISO 27001 can be used as a means to demonstrate technical compliance with the information security aspects of GDPR.

Please contact Infinity Networking for more information about GDPR or how we can assist your company.

Additional Compliance Services

Infinity Networking also provides the following comprehensive compliance assessments for specific industries:

  • HIPAA compliance for health care providers
  • PCI compliance for companies who want to process, store or transmit credit card transactions
  • Cybersecurity Risk Insurance compliance for companies who are seeking new Cyber Insurance Plans

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